Hello fellow conservatives and curious onlookers, and Welome to The Boston Conservative! This blog was created in July 2010 to serve as a voice for the rising conservative movement in America, with particular emphasis on the upcoming midterm elections. Too often, the movement has been distorted by the liberal mainstream media as violent, rasict, and supportive of anarchy. Even by some elected officials and otherwise reputable groups like the NAACP, the movement has gained the monicre of racism. On this blog, the non-violent resistance to the liberal agendas of our current government, through consevative advocacy and holding our officials accountable will be the focus. Comments are welcome, but please be respectful of other’s views.

Why the name?

The name The Boston Conservative refers to both my hometown (Boston), as well as my political ideology (conservative). As most people realize, Boston is one of the most liberal cities in the country, in one of the most liberal states in the country (except for the Massachusetts Miracle), so conservatives are a minority here. However, it is meant to illustrate the true national appeal of the conservative grassroots movements that have been popping up, and Massachusetts is no exception. From time to time, I will post about local concerns, but my focus will be mostly on the national spectrum. To keep it interesting, there will be other light-hearted discussions, such as foods and cultural trends, but it will be primarilly a political blog.


One response to “About

  1. Larry

    Great start….It must be lonely in NY as well, as a conservative….I trust you are listening to Severin over the internet…Hope school is going well also….
    It will be a long night tomorrow night…
    I may stop up in the Catskills after Thanksgiving for a day or so…..Have to sharpen my teeth on that wining liberal….all for fun !
    Good Luck

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